My Schedule

Phase 2 is coming up for everyone! I myself had my Phase 2 on Monday. Soon I will be posting a guide called “Haas and Telebears”, consult it for advice as to when to sign up for classes (for future reference.)

If you’re curious, my schedule for my first four semesters (I didn’t take summer sessions during this time) is shown below. I listed it by semester; via class code, description, and professor. The official Haas pre-reqs are bolded. As a note: these schedules are not typical for pre-Haas students. Each person is different, and you should base your classes based on you and not one person’s plan.

Freshman First Semester

  • Chinese 100XA: Advanced Chinese for Heritage Speakers (Zhang)
  • English R1A: Reading and Composition (Music and Modernism) (Le)
  • French 2: Elementary French (Kezman)
  • Linguistics 5: Language and Linguistics (Cutfield)
  • Math 16B: Applied Calculus (Wilkening) (Haas pre-req)

Units: 20

Background: In my first semester, I wanted to take a bunch of languages and double in Haas and Linguistics; that’s why I took the classes I did.

I took 20 units my first semester. This was not (completely) by choice. I Phased 1 English R1A (because it was important) and French 2 (because it filled up quickly). I Phased 2 Linguistics 5 (it’s unpopular) and Math 16B (accepted everyone, and passed out of 16A). I was pretty set on taking these four classes, saving Chinese 10Y for second semester. After speaking with an instructor directly, I was advised to try Chinese 100XA; and I wasn’t able to drop any of the other classes (two important requirements English R1A and Math 16B, wanted to double in Linguistics, and wanted to improve my French). Thus, I settled for all five; and survived. Since then, I’ve taken about five classes every semester because I enjoyed being busy.

Freshman Second Semester

  • Chinese 100XB: Advanced Chinese for Heritage Speakers (Zhang)
  • Linguistics R1B: Endangered Languages (Johnson)
  • Linguistics 100: Introduction to Linguistic Science (Mikkelsen)
  • Statistics 20: Probability and Statistics (el Karoui) (Haas pre-req)
  • UGBA 10: Principles of Business (Robinson, Banks, Vogel) (Haas pre-req)

Units: 19

Background: I decided to up it a notch by keeping five classes and adding on another pre-req, namely UGBA 10. I remember debating between Stats 20 or French 3; and ultimately chose Stats 20 because I wanted to get it out of the way. I had AP Stats experience as well, so it wasn’t a problem. I Phased 1 UGBA 10 and Ling R1B, and Phased 2 the rest of my classes. As everyone knows, I didn’t do very good in UGBA 10, but I did well in the rest of my classes. I took Ling 100 to get a better sense of the linguistics major, but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as well as I’d like. I decided to switch my double into an applied language studies minor, and continue a Chinese minor.

Sophomore First Semester

  • Chinese 102: Fourth Year Chinese – Social Sciences and History (Li)
  • Economics 1: Introduction to Economics (Olney) (Haas pre-req)
  • ESPM 15: Introduction to Environmental Science (Potts, Fung)
  • German C109 / L&S C180T: Language and Power (Kramsch)

Units: 15

Background: I was planning on taking Korean 1A as well, bringing the unit count to 20 units. However, remembering the previous semester’s stress and since I took on an internship in the semester, I decided to take four classes and see how it went. I wanted to continue Chinese, so I pursued that too. I also wanted to take Language and Power as recommended by my Ling R1B instructor. Here, I Phased 1 Econ 1 and German C109 because they were the most important to me.

Sophomore Second Semester

  • Linguistics 115: Morphology
  • MCB 61: Brain, Mind and Behavior
  • Psychology 1: General Psychology
  • UGBA 101B: Macroeconomics for Business Analysis
  • UGBA 106: Marketing

Units: 16

Background: Since the last semester, I became more interested in psychology, and pursued it in this second semester. I also wanted to continue econ (ugba 101b worked for both econ and haas so I chose that) and 106 because I was super interested in marketing. I chose Ling 115 because I was interested in morphology as well. I Phased 1 UGBA 106 and 101B (since I knew I would be put on the waitlist) as well as CogSci C126 (Perception), which was 9 units overall. I purposely chose the unpopular sections in hopes of obtaining enrollment when the departments cleared out the waitlists; and they did.

This was also the semester that switched my thinking. I was debating for a while whether to double in psychology or cognitive science, and in the end decided to major in Haas while taking some psychology and applied linguistics courses on the side. Which is what I shall be doing. In addition, while marketing was interesting at the time, and much more interested in human resources and management, so that will essentially be my Haas “focus”.


I hope this post helped in terms of how I approached each semester and what the outcome was after each semester. Again, remember that you should not have to follow my example. Most do not choose to take five classes each semester, and you shouldn’t just because I did. Take what you’re interested in! For me, it’s psychology, linguistics, and languages; so those are the types of courses I took more of besides my Haas requirements. For advice as to how to prep for your own schedule, check out this guide to planning your first semester as a pre-Haas student. Pursue your interests, and make the most of the plethora of courses Berkeley has to offer.

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