Social Butterfly: Which Activities?

Just now, I released a comprehensive list of most Berkeley business organizations I could find on the interwebs. It’s quite a long list! Do not feel compelled to participate in all of them. In fact, I would discourage you from doing so. Here are some suggestions in regards to how to pick your battles and make the most out of your extracurriculars.

1. I suggest choosing one or two clubs to be actively involved in, whether it’s in a committee or as a general member. Find a way to participate as much as possible, go to their events, and make connections (both personal and professional) within your sphere. Great things will come to those who are open to others! In addition, I say one or two clubs because anything more than that will tire you out. Feel free to participate in the many events such extracurriculars host, however! There is often very little pressure, and no one really knows you’re not presently a member in that club. It’s always good to keep your options open and hear what others have to say.

2. Many clubs offer general admission status while some do not. Almost all clubs also provide the chance to become more involved by joining a committee, which also provides you with a shot at leadership after your semester involvement in the committee. However, depending on the organization, committee admission and sometimes even general admission can be rigorous. Consulting groups, for instance, require a written application and multiple round interviews before admission into their team. Thus, there is no guarantee that you will be able to participate in every single activity that you’d like to be a part of! So keep that in mind.

3. Berkeley has this thing called “Calapalooza” where many organizations crowd Sproul Plaza with their many tables and advertise their events and mission to the rest of the campus! Take advantage of this opportunity by making your way to the tables you find interesting, signing up for their emailing list, and talking to members about their experience. You can then start narrowing your (hopefully) long list of interests from there. Try to go to all interesting info-sessions and apply for as many positions as you can! You will be given the most opportunity there and you will be given the option to pick and choose.

4. Do not be discouraged if you are rejected admission into a popular club or the club’s committee! Berkeley is famous for such competitive and rigorous application process, even to extracurriculars such as these. You will be rejected, but you will find something that interests you. If you fail, try again the next semester. Such hard work will be rewarded.

5. Lastly, don’t forget that you do not need to be in a business club exclusively to gain admission into Haas. You should join business clubs only if you are interested in professional development and early hands-on experience in the business world. In addition, these extracurriculars are loaded with upperclassmen who can give you more personal guidance on everything Berkeley like more Haas advice, Telebears appointments, classes that are interesting, applying tips; etc.

I suggest you go through the list I have provided, and see which ones interest you. Everyone has different preferences, and you never know what will happen unless you just try it!

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