UC Berkeley Business Activities

At Berkeley, we have a ton of business related clubs to choose from, and sometimes it’s hard to find a comprehensive list of organizations and their activities! I’m going to try and consolidate all Berkeley organizations by type and emphasis. Beside the club, I will give a general description if it’s not inherently shown, and link them to their website, which will show you an idea of their club culture and what they’ve been up to. Italics are those that are Haas sponsored. Keep in mind that some of these groups may fit into more than one category. Most of these groups also have various committees that provide a chance to work with group promotions, finance, event planning, consulting, leadership and professional development, etc. Check these websites for their events, group culture, and connections if you’re interested! I tried to include as many organizations as I possibly could, I apologize if I forgot a couple. Remember that you don’t have to participate in any one of these clubs if you’d like to apply to Haas; remember your passion!

Note: this information was taken from CalLink, which provides the list of official student organizations, and Undergraduate Haas Sponsored Organizations Spreadsheet.

General Clubs – focus on community and professionalism while providing many opportunities within business based on marketing, consulting, finance, leadership development, technology, social, etc.

Professional Business Fraternities

Culture and Business – general clubs, with more focus on community in accordance with either ethnicity, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Consulting Groups – these organizations focus on pure consulting work for local business in the Bay Area.

Finance/Accounting-Focused Organizations

Marketing/Advertising Focused Organizations

Entrepreneurial and Leadership Focused Organizations

Other Organizations

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