Applying to the Haas School of Business Undergraduate Program

I’ve mentioned what important Haas application criteria were previously, in addition to some myths about the Haas application process. Now, I’d like to share how the whole application works and what it looks like so you know what to expect.

Self-Reported Academic Record

In this section, you are to list the information (grades, course title, school location, semester, term length, units, etc) about each major prerequisite (listed as principles of business, calculus, calculus, economic principles, statistics, English / reading composition (A) and English / reading composition (B)), breadth requirement (all seven), and a foreign language requirement (you can choose three different options: fulfilled in high school, fulfilled in college, or through a proficiency test). There is also a comment space under each area, where you can write in your comments. For instance, I wrote to consider the whole transcript in its entirety rather than solely the breadth requirements since my grades looked better as a whole than picked apart as such.

The major pre-requisites still carry the most weight out of the whole application (with certain emphasis on principles of business and economics). I believe that breadth is only there to give perspective to compare the major courses with the fun courses; however they will indeed look at the whole transcript. Make any notes you think will be necessary.


You will be expected to write two different essays, adding up to 1000 words in total. The first essay typically asks which one of the four Haas Defining Principles you most align with and why, while the second one is similar to a previous college application essay you have written in the past. My year, the two questions you could choose from were, “If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would you change?” and “What song best describes you?” or something of that sort; I don’t remember the exact questions.


This portion is split up into employment, activities, service, and honors. Within these categories is split into other sections such as “organization/company”, “position”, “start/end date”, and “responsibilities”. Within honors, you can give a description and the date offered. You have a maximum of four organizations, companies, or positions to talk about for each area; so you should use these spaces wisely. You may also leave an area blank; for instance I didn’t have any service experience, and left the whole section empty.

Come November, give it your best shot! I wish you the best of luck.

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