Concluding Remarks and Table of Contents

I, like many others, have graduated from the Haas School of Business. As result, I am no longer a good fit to post here anymore.

However, I’d be open to the idea of someone else continuing this blog for me! Feel free to contact me at, and I’d be interested to chat about what you could do to take the blog forward. I will not be replying to other emails. I suggest you take a look at various Facebook groups and contact current or prospective students instead.

Regardless of whether someone continues this work, there is already a lot of my writing here in the public! This final post is to compile all the information I’ve put out in the public. I separate it by applications, curriculum, extracurriculars, and my own personal advice and story. If you’re interested in what I’ve learned during my four years at UC Berkeley, feel free to take a look at my learnings post on Medium.



Extracurriculars & Activities

Personal Advice

Thank you for your love and readership during these past couple of years. I enjoyed writing with you. Good luck!


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