Choosing Your First Semester Classes

Welcome incoming freshmen! Good to see that you’ve chosen UC Berkeley as the school of your choice, and good to see you’re interested in Haas.

A very common question I’ve received from students lately is how to choose your first semester schedule at Cal, and it’s amazing I haven’t written about it before; so here goes!

In a nutshell, I suggest you take these classes your first semester:

  • Math
  • R&C or fun / breadth / pre-req
  • fun / breadth / pre-req
  • fun / breadth / pre-req

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Haas: What Happens If I Don’t Get In?

Reality? Nothing happens. Nothing happens when you get in, either.

Yesterday, hundreds of people received a congratulatory message from the Haas School of Business, yet other hundreds received a not so encouraging one. Some celebrated, others were disappointed.

Whatever was the result of that outcome, or the outcome that is to come, remember that your major does not dictate your career nor your life. If everyone had to be a business major to do consulting or accounting, the corporate world wouldn’t be as diverse as it is today.

If you will soon enter the Haas Class of 2017; congratulations! If you did not, that’s okay. Both of your journeys do not end at this point. Instead, you have to work even harder in order to do what you love.

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Preparing for Second Semester Classes

Congratulations on surviving Berkeley thus far! We have just entered into the middle of the semester, and now it’s time to start thinking about your classes for next semester. If you haven’t seen already, check out Berkeley Online Schedule of Classes for class offerings for Spring 2015! Telebears start on Monday, so here are some steps I suggest you follow to ensure you can get into all of your classes by January.

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My Schedule

Phase 2 is coming up for everyone! I myself had my Phase 2 on Monday. Soon I will be posting a guide called “Haas and Telebears”, consult it for advice as to when to sign up for classes (for future reference.)

If you’re curious, my schedule for my first four semesters (I didn’t take summer sessions during this time) is shown below. I listed it by semester; via class code, description, and professor. The official Haas pre-reqs are bolded. As a note: these schedules are not typical for pre-Haas students. Each person is different, and you should base your classes based on you and not one person’s plan.

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